Rainforest Conservation/Green Bracelet

Rainforest Conservation/Green Bracelet

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This bracelet is inlaid with Crane Beach sand

Wear the World on your wrist with our Touch the World Bracelet Collection. Each bracelet has a unique color and tag design which represent 12 unique causes focused on changing our world for the better.

Customize yours with sand or natural elements from your favorite place OR choose our signature GLOBAL blend of sand and natural elements from all 7 continents. Collect all 12 bracelets and receive a 13th bracelet for free! Learn more about the important causes and start making a difference today with #ExperientialGiving

About the Cause
This bracelet supports Rainforest Conservation and the goal to rebalance the planet through sustainable transformation in agriculture, forestry, and tourism.

Touch The World Bracelet
10% of net proceeds will be donated to Rainforest Conservation
Pull cord bracelet adjustable up to 8"
Round bezel, silver plated brass, approximately 12mm in diameter

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