I IV III Necklace


Inspired by one of the most romantic lighthouses on the New England coast, Minots Ledge Light in Scituate, MA. The light blinks 1-4-3 spelling out the words I Love You. Wear this simple and timeless design with someone meaningful in mind. 18 inch petite...

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Wave Bypass Ring


The Wave Bypass Ring features two crescent-shaped bezels cast in sterling silver. Each bezel is filled with sand or elements and is completed with a gem-like finish. The Wave Bypass ring wraps comfortably around the finger and is able to be slightly...

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Hoop Earrings


Not too small, not too large, these hoops are the perfect size for any occasion. High polished, tapered sterling silver hoops with click post closure, filled with sand or natural elements from your most cherished travels and adventures..925 sterling...

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